When I was in my 20’s, and even early 30’s, going to Sephora was like being at the playground.  There was always something new and shiny to try on.  It was exhilarating and fun.  The only downside?  Deciding which shade or hue was the most eye catching and would ultimately be your new found friend.

Fast forward a decade+  and now Sephora is like boot camp. Untitled design (19) Today, products have to be so much more than just pretty and I have to army crawl, rock climb and long jump my way to find them.  At almost 40, they have to de-wrinkle, de-puff, tighten, plump AND look good.  And, did I mention they have to have staying power?  As a mom of three, touch ups are not on the agenda and there’s no one more thankful for a multi-tasking beauty product than this momma.  Sunscreen, moisturizer and foundation in one?  Check.  If it can also tighten and de-wrinkle, that is what I call the Holy Grail.

But recently, in a People magazine interview, Jennifer Aniston noted the importance of what we put into our bodies.  According to the interview, Jennifer Aniston uses stevia in her morning coffee as well as in her morning protein shake, which reminded me that foods and beverages not only play a role in a healthy weight but also healthy skin. (Duh!) Our skin is the largest organ of the human body and we need to take care of it  — not just with topical creams and lotions but also with the fuel we intake on a daily basis!  One key way to do that is through hydration, which is important for great looking skin (so they tell me).  My only problem is that as much as I like water, I get bored of it… quickly.  Sometimes I want something with taste and flavor (but without the unwanted calories).  This is where a low-calorie sweetener like stevia can come into play.  And, it looks like I am in good company, or should I say beautiful company.

The article notes, “The star [Jennifer Aniston] says she now knows that beauty is really learning to love every single thing about yourself. And also realizing that it’s not just clothes and what’s happening [on the outside],” she adds.  “There’s so much more that’s beautiful in a human being.”  So cheers to Jennifer Aniston for reminding women that they are so much more than just their face and body and reminding us about some easy healthy ways to nourish ourselves.

But for those of us who still want de-puffed,  wrinkle free and glowing skin, try hydrating the inside (along with any miracle cream or potion you love – hey – I’m not above admitting I’ll take any and all help – on the inside and out).

Click here for some great hydrating, stevia filled recipes.  Enjoy!