What is Stevia?


Stevia rebaudiana is a South American plant native to Paraguay that traditionally has been used as a sugar substitute in tea and other beverages. Learn more about the history of stevia >


Today, stevia is used in every day recipes and in many reduced-calorie and sugar-free foods and drinks. Want to cook or bake with stevia? Try these recipes >

Health and Nutrition

Many people use it to control weight and maintain better overall health. Understand more about its health and nutrition benefits >


Extensive studies, including human studies on safety, metabolism and intake, support the safety of stevia sweeteners. In fact, the safety of stevia has been confirmed by many countries around the world and by leading medical, scientific and regulatory authorities, including the European Food Safety Authority and the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA). As of 2013, stevia has been approved in over 60 countries. Find out more about the safety and approval of stevia >