5 Ways to Stay Hydrated All Year Long

Hydration is something we think about often during the hot summer months when we’re noticeably thirsty and sweaty, but as the temperature starts to drop from fall into winter, we’re less likely to hydrate as much as we should.  Dehydration, which can lead to constipation, kidney stones, and mood changes, is a concern all year… Continue reading

The Power of a Morning Ritual

Though clients come to me for diet advice, they typically need much more than just guidance on what to eat. Because it’s so hard to develop good eating and lifestyle habits, we talk a lot about forming and breaking habits and nurturing the proper mindset. I’ve discovered that setting a good tone for the day… Continue reading

Stevia: Sweetening the Past, Present and Future

Stevia has an interesting history beginning with its discovery more than 200 years ago.  It is thought that the indigenous people of Paraguay used the leaves of the stevia plant for its sweet taste.  They would also use it in their beverages and some medicines. Later, Swiss botanist Moises Santiago Bertoni wrotemore formally about the… Continue reading