Healthy Halloween

The scariest part of Halloween can be dodging all those sweet treats and candies if you are trying to watch your diet. Halloween festivities do no need to haunt your waistline.  Here are some Halloween season survival tips for a tricky situation.


Don’t go hungry. Have healthy and balanced meals throughout the day can help you control your sweet tooth while still enjoying the festivities.

Set limits. Only allow yourself one piece of candy of that left over candy per day to keep the calories down.

Avoid post-holiday sales. It can be tough to pass up that 50% off price tag, but your waistline will thank you.

Stay active. Stick to your workouts, get active with your kiddos, and take all opportunities to move to help burn off excess calories.

Track your calories. Being surrounded by temptations can make it easy to go overboard. Tracking your calories can help you stay aware of your limits and help stop holiday weight gain.

Ditch the left overs. Try to limit the amount of candy that lingering after the holidays to reduce temptations.

And if you are hosting the holiday festivities this year? Throw a party stocked with these spookily healthy treats that adults and kids alike will love.

Jackson Pollock Candied Apples – Apples do not have to be doused in caramel to be delicious. These apples are drizzled with chocolate for a light and tasty treat.

Healthy Candy Corn Snacks – These quick and easy fruit cups are a snap to make and will be the hit of the party.

Skeleton Dip – A DIY veggie tray is a fun way to include nutrient-rich veggies into the festivities.

Deviled Spider Eggs – Devilish delicious eggs are fun source of protein to help you feel full

Sugar-free red velvet cupcakes – You don’t need to skip sweet treats on Halloween when you can use stevia to help cut the sugar. Let your creativity run wild decorating your cupcakes.


Carolyn ReynaudCarolyn Reynaud, MS, RD, LD is a licensed registered dietitian. She received her BS in nutrition from Michigan State University and her Masters and Certificate in Public Health from Georgia State University. She has experience working in several avenues of health care including corporate wellness, clinical disease management, research, and health promotion. She has been working as a health coach specialist for close to 6 years, where she counsels patients on preventative healthcare and helps them meet their health goals. Follow her on Twitter @ReynaudCari.